Today, most businesses aim to be safe, efficient, productive, and profitable. To accomplish these objectives, companies require reliable and motivated individuals with the appropriate industry training. Yet, good help is hard to find. More alarmingly, the organizations and companies in certain industries – such as healthcare, facilities management, manufacturing, food service, electrical, plumbing, and computer coding – must prepare for severe labor shortages over the next several years in Massachusetts.

(Megan Woolhouse writes about these issues extensively in The Boston Globe. See "Schools' Wait Lists Called a Drag on the Economy: Thousands Seek Vocational Classes as Skilled Jobs Go Unfilled in State" published September 15, 2014; "Chef Shortage Leaves Restaurants Vying for Help: Facing a Shortage of Chefs, Cooks and Others, Restaurants Get Creative in Hiring" published August 12, 2015; and "Job Training System in Mass. Falls Short, Study Says State Facing Lack of Labor" published November 9, 2015.)

In most cases, companies either recruit talent externally or develop talent internally. Each alternative carries risks in terms of companies' financial investments in individuals. Perhaps the external candidate cannot deliver as advertised. Perhaps the internal candidate did not receive adequate training. Still, other alternatives exist.

Let's suppose an organization wants to hire more staff to fulfill specific responsibilities because it has an opportunity to increase revenue by earning more upcoming projects. However, the organization cannot find individuals with the appropriate training necessary. Instead of forfeiting these opportunities for growth, SCE would like to partner with companies to find an instructor, provide the facilities, and develop a training curriculum that will prepare individuals to meet the companies' needs.

Let's say a company wants their employees to receive CPR training to increase workplace safety or an organization wants their employees to receive training on cloud based services to increase productivity (like Google Apps for Education or Business). SCE can provide on-site or off-site training that is convenient for employees and meets the needs of organizations.

By collaborating with the Monty Tech School of Continuing Education (SCE), companies can reduce their financial risks and increase their return on investments in new or current employees. SCE's licensing and certification courses provides students with the training and practice necessary to enter the workplace and make a meaningful contribution immediately. SCE promote courses to ensure that reliable and motivated individuals, who will appreciate the chance to help companies grow, fill the classrooms. Whether companies express interest in creating specific training programs or interest in current courses, SCE will provide companies with the options to observe classes and speak with instructors to confirm that the courses' curriculums and quality meet their standards. Moreover, if companies wish, SCE will facilitate introductions and interviews between companies and students before classes at Monty Tech.

Ultimately, if you are a business owner, executive, or hiring manager who is looking for creative and targeted solutions to develop individuals that can help make your organization safer, more efficient, more productive, and more profitable, please contact SCE's director to discuss your goals and how we can help you achieve each one.

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